Who is AXION?

Is the World Connected?


Consumer Experience

We’re Axion


We are a team of veteran innovators.

We are experienced in Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Smart Analytics, AI Hardware,

Software, Cloud, Energy Management Solutions,

and Networks.

Think the World is Connected? It’s not... yet! More than half the world's population still lack the ability to access broadband services

The explosion of new satellites creates a large blue ocean opportunity for Axion

  • 90% of the World has no broadband
  • 34 million Americans still lack broadband internet access
  • There are over 10,000 applications for
    new high-throughput broadband satellites pending*

* FCC Approves SpaceX Plan for 4,425-satellite broadband network   (Companies filed for 8,731 NGSO communications satellites last year)

One-Web asks FCC for 1,200 more satellites t0 bring fleet plan
to 1,980 spacecraft

The satellite partners provide
the transport, Axion provides
the Customer Experience


The Broadband Consumer Values:

  • Quality and Value-Based Bundles
  • Smart-Home Technologies
  • Al-Driven Multi-screen Entertainment Services
  • Superior Customer Service

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