Business Model


Value Proposition

High-Throughput Satellite

Investing in


  • A rapidly emerging space-based
    broadband industry
  • A receptive market that is not cost sensitive
  • A mobility market that could exceed the size
    of the home market
  • A team who are experts in these areas of innovation

AXION’s  Business Model


To tap into unserved markets by bundling

  • Satellite Broadband
  • Google Home Technology
  • Axion Entertainment Content
  • Popular Streaming Services

Axion’s advanced ATEC seamlessly integrates everything for the residential or commercial customer.

Early Accomplishments


  • A team of Seasoned Experts Assembled
  • Agreement with major distributor
  • Completed Multi-million Economic Incentive Package with the State of Nevada
  • ATEC Design in Final Phases to Manufacturing
  • Major Technology Partners Engaged
  • Entertainment Content Providers Engaged

Satellite Operator's Value Proposition


  • Axion improves satellite bandwidth yield
  • Axion offers flexible transport agreements
  • Axion adds new offerings to operator
    HTS services
  • Axion manages billing and payment
  • Axion provides real time satellite analytics

High-Throughput Satellite


Our complete high-throughput satellite entertainment system saves bandwidth, raises ARPU and reduces churn.



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